Rewards for Recycling offers three unique program options that can be used individually or combined for a successful solution to any market diversion effort.

The Program:   Our recycling Incentive program is designed specifically for waste haulers and municipalities to answer their solid waste diversion goals. R4R incentivizes residents to join the community wide “club” and to increase the frequency and volume of their curbside recycling efforts.

The Rewards for Recycling system is customized for each market or hauler individually. Local participation is increased when resident members see that they are part of a unique group, specific to their community.   R4R creates a website that would become an extension of your company or community. Each site features local offers and businesses plus a wide variety of regional and national savings offers. The site also highlights complete recycling information, educational videos and newsletters about the importance of recycling.

The R4R platform is not set up as a competition. There are no points to accrue and no waiting months to earn a single reward. Weight of household recyclables is not recorded curbside, thus avoiding costly and time consuming obstacles during the waste collection process.

A crucial component of the Rewards for Recycling program is the marketing involved in promoting and educating your residents about the benefits recycling. These marketing efforts are consistent both at the launch of a new program and throughout the life of the contract. Marketing options include radio and television advertising; direct mail, email marketing, social media, and specialty advertising. The R4R in-house marketing team will work with your company or community to ensure that all marketing includes the appropriate hauler branding and information.

Program Reporting Options

Partner With Us

Rewards for Recycling is marketed outwardly as an environmentally friendly program that helps communities lower their carbon footprint while supporting local business by giving back to residents in the form of local saving coupons.

The staff at Rewards for Recycling is experienced in working with haulers to acquire new clients through the bid process. We understand what is needed to encourage municipalities to offer curbside recycling programs with a rewards program. Rewards for Recycling becomes your partner in every sense of the word. We will help to enhance or fulfill an RFP, can offer negotiation tools for renewals, encourage positive relationships with the municipalities, its residents and the local businesses and help brand you, the hauler, as a green company.

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