It’s all about your community, or at least we think it should be.  The Rewards for Recycling Municipal Program promotes a community wide effort to Go Green!  Building on the group mentality, encouraging participation through peer groups and the overwhelming desire to “Keep up with the Joneses”. 

More than a national loyalty program, your residents can build a local sense of pride in their efforts and get rewarded in the process.  Our recycling Incentive program is designed to be unique for each community.  To address your community’s individual goals.   R4R incentivizes residents to join the community wide “club” and to increase the frequency and volume of their curbside recycling efforts.

Local participation is increased when resident members see that they are part of a unique group, specific to their community.   R4R creates a website that would become an extension of your community.  Your program can feature local company offers and drive traffic to the important local business community. In addition to being linked through the municipal website, the program site features recycling information, educational videos and newsletters about the importance of recycling.

The rewards program is not designed as a competition between residents. There are no points to accrue and no waiting to earn a single reward.  Weight of household recyclables is not recorded, thus avoiding costly and time consuming obstacles during the waste collection process.

Program Marketing is put into effect to promote program benefits and to educate your residents about the many benefits of recycling. These marketing efforts are consistent both at the launch of a new community and throughout the life of the program.  From diversion savings to resident savings and lowering your carbon footprint, there are numerous benefits to our municipal program.  The program itself becomes an important tool for municipalities to communicate with their residents.

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Self-Reporting Program:

An exclusive feature of the Rewards for Recycling program is our Self-Reporting option.  In markets where RFID technology is not available or too costly, program members are asked to self-report their recycling activity on line through the program website.  A simple click of the “I Recycled Today” button and the members account is credited with participation.  This system can be easily audited by the municipality or hauler by on-site counts and through the web system.  The Self Reporting system alleviates the need for RFID Scanners on collection vehicles, and eliminates periodic equipment service challenges.

RFID Program:

Many municipalities and Waste Haulers utilize RFID (Radio Frequency Identifier) technology for Asset Management and tracking purposes.  The Rewards for Recycling program easily utilizes RFID scan reports to verify participation when the RFID tag appears at the collection point.  In cases where collection equipment, bins or carts are not pre-equipped with RFID tags, R4R can acquire and provide assigned RFID Tags corresponding to each household at the program launch period.  This system is a fast and easy way to record recycling participation as well as other valuable data.

Independent Scanning Vehicle, ISV Program: 

Another option for Municipalities or Waste Haulers that have asset management and/or data collection requirements is the Rewards for Recycling ISV reporting option.  This option utilizes RFID tags on the collection equipment, but only one dedicated vehicle is used for scanning and audit purposes.  Because the R4R program does not require weight measurements and rewards based on household participation, this Independent scanning vehicle needs only to drive the collection route immediately before or after collection occurs and can scan all RFID tags within 15-20 feet.  This program option delivers all the reporting and data requirements of the full RFID system without the massive cost associated in equipping multiple collection trucks, or maintenance.  Additional value is delivered by promotionally wrapping the scanning vehicle and utilizing it for events parades and as a driving billboard promoting the Waste Hauler and Recycling program.

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