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What Is Rewards for Recycling?

Rewards For Recycling – In October of 2008, in response to losing a municipal contract to a hauler who offered an incentive program, the two owners of Crossroads Consulting, Inc. drove back to the office wondering if they shouldn’t partner with an incentive program when one said to the other, “why wouldn’t we do it ourselves?”

That’s all it took. Research into affinity programs began the next day. Every person in the office sat down and brainstormed. What was good about a program? What will help the municipality or the hauler? What is the best way to encourage curbside recycling?

Rewards for Recycling, LLC was born. In April of 2009, three mid-Michigan communities launched the program and the response was wonderful. Curbside recycling increased and members began immediately saving at stores within the communities they resided. It was a win win win situation! For the environment, for the local economy and for the residents.

Since that time, every key player in our office is not only involved in the everyday maintenance and service of the site, we are owners. We are invested in the company. From Customer Service to IT to Sales to the CEO. We are partners in constantly developing better ways to encourage recycling at the curbside.

As of December 2014, Rewards for Recycling is in 6 states with over 500,000 members. We are proud of the program we created and the excellence of customer service we provide. When you call our offices and ask to speak with the CEO, you are transferred to the CEO. Municipalities, haulers and our members alike are all treated with the utmost respect. We are here for you.

Mission Statement

Rewards for Recycling, LLC is an internet based affinity program that encourages residents to recycle by rewarding them with savings from local, regional and national companies. The program is designed to help municipalities and individual haulers encourage recycling among their customers, promote local business and divert waste from local landfills.

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